Super Bowl parties could be a potential super spreader event for COVID-19, says Alabama state health officer


A rendering of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Getty Images)

ALABAMA (WRBL) – Super Bowl parties and events could become super-spreader events for COVID-19, just like the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s of concern to Alabama state health officials.

Groups that get together without practicing safety guidelines, such as wearing a mask or staying six feet apart, face the risk of becoming super-spreader events. Even if it’s not a true super-spreader event, the COVID-19 virus is being transmitted when people are inside crowded or non-crowded events for long periods of time.

“The best protection people get is somewhere around 90-95 percent effective, that’s great, but it’s not 100 percent effective. We would still encourage people to be careful, be careful about mixing with other people that aren’t in your own household, especially if those people are having symptoms. It’s still important to wear your mask and stay six feet apart,” Harris said.

While having the first round of the COVID-19 vaccination does provide some protection, having the second round provides better protection from the virus, especially a few weeks after receiving the vaccine. Dr. Scott Harris of the Alabama Department of Public Health says receiving the vaccine still isn’t enough to protect you from COVID-19.

A year into the pandemic, it is still advised to stay home if you can and participate in super bowl parties or events virtually. Harris says he realizes everyone wants to get together to celebrate, but it’s still a difficult and dangerous time.

“This is a difficult time right now, we still have thousands of people in hospitals around our state and tens of thousands of people around the country. There are tens of thousands of news cases every hour around our nation, we need people to stay home as much as they possibly can,” Harris said.

With the Super Bowl a week away, Harris is advising people to event as few people as possible to your gathering if you plan on having a super bowl event and there are a few rules to remember.

“Smaller groups are better than bigger groups, outdoors is better than indoors, being together for a short period of time is better than a long period of time. Certainly wearing mask is better than not wearing mask, there’s all these different individual choices and different things that you can do. So, even if you are going to have a gathering you can try and minimize the risk as much as possible,” Harris said.

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