Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Big Game will be a showcase of Black History when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles. For the first time in NFL history, two African American starting quarterbacks will square off against each other. It’s a match up that resonates far beyond the professional football ranks.

“Just seeing Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes in this moment, it’s just a great time period for all athletes but especially for Black athletes. Just letting kids know that they can be successful, and anything is possible,” said Kendrick High School Head Football Coach Robert Martin Jr.

“A lot of times you see the Tom Brady’s and Payton Manning’s. Sometimes they don’t look like the kids that we serve so for them to see a Jalen Hurts who actually went to Alabama or Patrick Mahomes they look like more like them. So it’s like hey I can be the next Jalen Hurts or Patrick Mahomes,” said Spencer High School Head Football Coach Joe Kegler.

This kind of representation can inspire a new generation of African-American players to reach their grid iron dream, and be confident in that pursuit.

“Now you know kids won’t be afraid to be the primary guy. Like I told my son, who chose to play defense, I said if you want to play quarterback and you believe in yourself and you think you can get it done. Then don’t like nobody tell you can’t be one. It’s really going to trickle down to all levels of the game,” said Lanett High School Head Football Coach Clifford Story.

The inspiration doesn’t just stop at the high school level. Some coaches believe it will affect football players of all ages.

“It goes all the way to the youth football level. Now a kid 5 years old is actually outside throwing the ball in his front yard thinking I can be a quarterback right now. To get to see them in this generation. To see it live on a TV and you’re actually living it or playing the position anything is possible,” said Jordan High School Head Football Coach Kadale Jenkins.

To this date three African-American quarterbacks have led their teams to a championship. Doug Williams with Washington, Russell Wilson with Seattle and Patrick Mahomes with Kansas City.