PHENIX CITY, AL (WRBL) – The saying goes that “You never forget where you came from.”

In Phenix City on Saturday, several current and former members of the Central High football program came out to support the Tommie Robinson Football Camp. The camp was open for children 6 to 12 years old and they got an opportunity to work with coaches and players who have worked at multiple levels of the game, from high school all the way to the NFL.

The kids, man, just to be out here with the kids and have fun. You know, teach these kids the fundamentals of football and just like I said, enjoy the time with them. See some of my old friends, you know, it’s a dream come true. You know, I really didn’t have an opportunity to be a part of these things, these camps and see some of these NFL guys. You know, it’s a blessing.

JD McKissic, Washington Commanders Running Back

It’s just awesome for Coach Robinson to come back and give back. You know, Coach Robinson and I go way back. We had an opportunity to coach together for seven years in college. And so all you know and have so many of our former players come back and all and just give back to these young people.

Patrick Nix, Central Head Football Coach

It’s really important because like I was one of these kids, I was doing the same thing and coming to camps, hoping to get knowledge from the older guys. And so I know is really important to me and the kids.

Justyn Ross, Kansas City Chiefs Wide Reciever

And it’s always the roots and origins of where you from actually coming and be back and show these kids opportunity that somebody from where you from when you done some amazing things in life and actually taking the time to come back and share their experiences with you.

Cordero Howard, Former NFL Guard

It is a camp. And it is something that teaches skills. And but what we are the proudest of is that, it is enabling us to come together as one different ethnicities, different groups of people to come together for a cause that is so important. Mission critical nowadays.

Eddie Lowe, Mayor of Phenix City

Oh, it never gets old. Seeing these kids running around, having a good time and seeing all the people there that give up their time to volunteer to make sure that these young people have a good time and never get old.

Tommie Robinson, Texas A&M Running Backs Coach