WRBL’s Game of the Week features the historic Columbus rivalry game between the Pacelli Vikings and the Brookstone Cougars also known as the Battle for the Broocelli Jug. The Cougars have dominated this rivalry game in recent history. Brookstone has won the last four Battle for the Jug games in row. However things look very different Pacelli sidelines these days. First year head coach Dwight Jones was determined to bring “Pacelli Pride” back to campus, and he’s turned the Vikings fortune around for now.

Last season the Vikings only won four games all year long, but this year they have won four games in their first five games. While the Vikings are playing better football these days, the head coach believes they have a lot of work to do if this Battle for the Jug can be called a real rivalry.

“I think you have to play competitive football and we haven’t done that in four years. In order for it to become a rivalry the under dog has to win. I know it’s a lot of pride. You know each school wants to keep that jug for a year and it’s been a long time since Pacelli’s had it so it would be sweet to get it,” said Head Coach Dwight Jones.

The players are also tired of seeing the Broocelli Jug live on their rivals’ campus

“It means everything to bring it back. It means everything to this school. I’m tired of carrying around the old jug and just last year how they beat us and brought it out as a captain just holding it out. I didn’t like that so we’re getting it back this year,” said sophomore quarterback Caleb Perry.

“I mean I’ve been waiting for this game since the 8th grade when I saw the Jug leave. This means the world to me. It’s just one of those games where you want to play and you want to play every snap. I do not know why it’s a jug. That’s a good question. All I know is we really want it back,” said senior offensive lineman and linebacker Daniel Forlines.