COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL)- All this week, News 3 is proud to team up with our community partners at Kinetic Credit Union to salute the incredible work of our local educators.

Our teacher appreciation campaign continues with a sweet message of support and gratitude from a pair of sisters. four-year-old Anna and eight-year-old Abigail Truitt.

Anna and Abigail are both students at Glenwood School in Phenix City. Anna is a K-3 student whose teacher is Cassie White. Abigail is a 3rd grader and her teacher is Melissa Charles.

The adorable sisters offered their teachers words of gratitude for Teacher Appreciation Week.

“Our teachers’ names are Miss Cassie and Miss Charles and they are at amazing at teaching us and they work at Glenwood School. Thanks….. bye!” said Abigail with Anna by her side.

Our thanks to Abigail and Anna and their dad Jason Truitt for submitting their video.

You still have time to get your child’s video to us!

Just record a brief, 15-second or less video to show your child’s appreciation for a special teacher in their life and then submit it to us via our WRBL News 3 Facebook page.

We’ll continue sharing some of those videos on air all this week during “News 3 This Morning.”

You can also watch all of them online on WRBL’s Kinetic Credit Union Teacher Appreciation Page.