PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WRBL) – The Mayor of Phenix City, Eddie Lowe, held his 6th annual Mayor’s Ball Charitable Organization Awards at Troy University’s Phenix City campus on Dec. 13, 2021. He awarded five non-profit agencies with $1,600 that will go towards their missions of helping those in need in the community.

“This time of year gives us time to reflect on what’s really important to show support, to show love, to show geniality and that is what we have done tonight with these agencies that help the less fortunate in our community,” said Lowe.

Lowe said his organization, Mayor’s Education and Charity Ball Committee, typically hosts a Mayor’s Ball every June to raise money for the organization. However, the event has been cancelled the past two years due to COVID-19 so they have raised the money through sponsorships and charitable events.

The money raised every year goes towards non-profit agencies, scholarships for high school seniors and dual enrollment scholarships so high school students can attend Chattahoochee Valley Community College.

“It is one of the most intrinsically rewarding thing that myself has ever been involved with because of how hard the committee works and we are a non-profit agency and no one takes one penny,” said Lowe.

Lindesey Reis is the Executive Director at Hope Harbour, a local battered women program that provides support for victims of family violence. They provide a safe space to stay for individuals leaving a dangerous situation and provide support services for those living away from the facility.

“It’ll go directly to the needs of the victims. It can be anything from buying prescriptions when they leave a hospital after they’ve been attacked, it can help with rental assistance, it can help with deposits, utilities or buy clothes or food. It really is based on exactly what the victim needs at that time and each victim is different so each one has a different need,” said Reis.

Reis said this time of year is often very difficult and receiving the donation will help ease a lot of the burden that some families face.

Lowe said 60% of all donations raised throughout the year go towards scholarships for graduating seniors. The rest is divided among different parties- 20% goes towards dual enrollment scholarships, 10% goes to non-profit agencies and 10% is saved as a business expense for the next year.