Lanett, Ala. (WRBL) – 87-year-old Zil Maxi originally from Haiti and has been a Lanett, Alabama resident for 33 years. Despite having made renovations to his home in the past he cannot continue making renovations and has roofing issues affecting the interior and exterior of his home. 

“I don’t have money to fix this. I love this house but I can’t get money for these fixings,” said Maxi. 

Maxi often experiences rain water falling into the home which has led to flooring issues and the deterioration of certain areas like the bathroom in the home. It was determined that the bathroom has to be torn down and rebuilt in another area of the house. 

Sandra Thornton is the Manager at the Lanett Senior Center and has been working with Maxi since November to provide him with meals everyday. 

She said Lanett’s Mayor, Jamie Heard, began working with the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project to make renovations to Maxi’s home. Thornton heard about the conditions Maxi is living in and decided to raise money to assist with the renovations. 

“As you can see, Mr. Maxi has buckets and I actually came out here one day and it was raining and water was just pouring in the house and that is no way for someone to live like this,” said Thornton. 

Thornton said the first thing the organizations are focusing on is the roof and stopping the leakage inside of the home. They hope to raise as much money as possible to complete the roof and continue with other projects like repairing the floor. 

“A lot of people would say ‘find somewhere else to live’ but this is his mansion, this is his home. He has been here 33 years and he loves it, he loves being here and as a community, I’m asking and begging for people to help us,” said Thornton. 

Thornton said she considers Maxi family and the organizations hope to begin the renovations as soon as possible. 

The Lanett Fuller Center has created a CashApp fund for Maxi’s home and donations are being taken at $Fullercenterlanett.