ATLANTA, Ga. (WRBL) – The Atlanta Braves hosted a parade in Downtown Atlanta to celebrate their World Series win with their fans. The Braves won the World Series in game six against the Houston Astros, claiming the championship title. This the first time the Braves have been named “champions” since 1995.

Fans came from all over the country to celebrate with the baseball team including Heather Smith. Smith is an Atlanta native who moved to Dallas- Forth Worth six years ago and returned home to celebrate with family and friends.

“When the Braves won in ‘95, I begged my dad to go to the parade, he said no it was a school day, next time. This is next time, not a school day for me anymore so got on a plane all the way from Dallas- Fort Worth and I’m here to celebrate with my family and my hometown,” said Smith.

Many fans wore jerseys from their favorite players including Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acuña Jr. The fans waved at the baseball players in admiration as they cruised by on trolleys, cars and trucks. The players and fans exchanged smiles and Tomahawk Chops as confetti rained over the streets of Atlanta.

Smith was 10 the last time the Braves were the winners of the World Series. Similar to her, Richard Sharp, also traveled from out-of-state to celebrate with the Braves. Sharp is a Virginia resident who drove down for the parade and will be returning back home during the weekend.

“It feels amazing cause I just love the support of the Braves and being here with everyone and like cheering on the Braves and hopefully we get to resign Freddie and if we don’t oh well but like I just love the love,” said Sharp.

Fans also discussed their hopes for next season with News 3 and often chanted “Keep Freddie”. That chant is in reference to the Braves possibly losing first baseman, Freddie Freeman, who has been with the Braves for his entire career.

“In my opinion, I think he’s going to stay because after all he has been here for 12 years and he loves our fans like the fans love him. I feel like this is like his home so I feel like he’s not going to want to go anywhere else,” said Justin Bowman, a Freddie Freeman and Braves fan.

There are also big hopes for Acuña Jr., a Braves left fielder who suffered a torn ACL midway through the season during a game against the Miami Marlins. Fans hope to welcome Acuña Jr. back to the diamond next season.

“Well, of course I was very hurt that he got hurt but I always had faith in my Braves. I love them, I’ve never missed a game, especially his games. Man, when he went down I didn’t think it was over. I knew it wasn’t over but I had faith in my Braves. I know he is going to come back strong next season,” said Michaela Rodriguez, an Acuña Jr. fan and Braves fan.

Like Rodriguez, many fans are hoping to take the title again next season and intend to continue cheering on the Braves from the sidelines.