TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – The Troup County School System held their annual Active Shooter Training on Tuesday along with law enforcement agencies at Callaway High School. The training is done every year at different schools in the district to prepare staff members for possible active threats during the school year. 

Steve Heaton, the Security and Safety Coordinator for TCSS, said the school system has four different lockdown variation drills a year so teachers can gain practice with the stricter safety protocols. 

“The biggest benefit is that we expose our staff to just a step further into a drill where they’re actually participants and they learn what they’re going to have to teach their kids. It teaches them about what they need to do and reinforces our protocol. I think having the live drill gets us as close as we can get to the actual event without actually creating an event,” said Heaton. 

Heaton said although school staff members are being trained in the event of an active school shooter, the students will not be at this time. Teachers are expected to share the training they’ve received with students without placing the students in an active simulation. 

Teachers were instructed to turn off the lights and lock the doors once they heard gunfire and wait for law enforcement to give them an “all clear”. 

The simulation was made more realistic with blank gunshots, training guns and synthetic blood on the floor as well as people on the floor in blood stained shirts. 

Jason Graham, the Principal at Callaway High School, said he asked LPD and TCSO to do the demonstration because he wants the staff and students to be prepared in the case of a school shooting. 

“We talked about the reality that it could happen anywhere so we want to do everything that we possibly can to be prepared for that unimaginable situation,” said Graham.

Graham had all the staff members at Callaway High School participate and along with Heaton, they answered any questions the staff had after the simulation.