CDC says vaccinated people can remove masks in most situations

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Georgia reported 188 COVID-19 infections and 0 deaths, one of the lowest numbers since the pandemic started.

Health experts say that’s because of an uptick in vaccinations but 7 out of 10 Georgians still haven’t gotten the dose.

The CDC says if you’re fully vaccinated you can take off your mask in most situations.

Dr. Adi Shah, Infectious Disease Dr. at Mayo Clinic says, “Every case in the hospital, almost 95% are not vaccinated. The ones who are vaccinated who are there — the small chance – are not dying or get into the ICU.”

Health experts say 3 out of every 10 Georgians have received both doses with more women getting vaccinated. Nearly 9 out of 10 people older than 65, the most vulnerable population, have also gotten the shot. But despite being vaccinated, there are caveats, especially if you’re in close quarters with people you don’t know.

Dr. Yvonne Butler Tobah at the Mayo Clinic said, “If you are traveling or in any enclosed space like a plane, bus, train, wear a mask. If you are any space that is enclosed others who are not part of your household, you should wear a mask.”

Dr. Adi Shah says. “Secondly, if you are unvaccinated, you should wear a mask because you can get the infection and you can still spread it to vaccinated and unvaccinated people.”

But now the push is to reach younger people, those who are home bound and in rural areas since 7 out of 10 are still unvaccinated. Doctors say the vaccines are safe and effective.

“Some of the common hesitancy questions I get are side effects, will this alter my genetics, will this put me at a higher risk for auto immune diseases. It will not put a risk for diseases and not alter your genetic profile because it does its not enter the nucleus but does its work outside,” said Dr. Shah.

The State Health Department says you should only receive the same vaccine brand for both doses and not mix the vaccines.

Georgia’s department of health says 7 out of 10 people need to get the vaccine in rural areas where things are spread out and 8 out of 10 people need to get the doses in urban or metro areas to achiever herd immunity, but doctors say other factors like variants and how long the vaccines will protect you from covid19, could also impact herd immunity.

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