COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Columbus State University and the Dragonfly Trail Network unveiled a near mural made by Colorado-based artist, Thomas Evans. The new addition to the community is located near Piedmont Columbus Regional on 5th Ave.

Both organizations were looking for a new element on the Dragonfly Trail as the project that links the community together continues to expand. CSU students participated in the creation of the mural and helped Evans with several steps including painting.

The Dragonfly Trail is an off-road greenway trail that connects throughout the Fountain City and is meant for recreation. There is currently 34 miles of the trail completed with another 27 planned.

Evans took the opportunity as a way to also explore Columbus, which he said, he has never visited before.

“I like to do a lot of artwork in places I haven’t been before,” said Evans.

The mural took a little over a week to complete. Evans also worked with local artist and photographer, Sammie Saxon, to capture the spirit of Columbus before beginning the project.

“A lot of the people that we selected were people that were from the community and just had a story to tell,” said Evans.

He said his goal with the mural was to accurately represent all the people and generations in the city. 10-year-old Channa Harris was chosen for the project, she said the best part is representing the community where she grew up.

“Being on it and knowing that people represent me,” said Harris.

Columbus was a special location to Evans because of its military connection. Evans traveled throughout the world during his father’s military career and said art was his way of connecting with others during that time.