COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL)-Northside High students took a stand today to bring awareness of the need to fight human trafficking.

The Northside Freedom Fighters wore “Red X”’s to call attention to the huge problem facing America—and the Chattahoochee Valley.

Sex trafficking is the second-fastest growing crime in the United States. Children and teens are often victims.

Students hope events such as these empower people of all ages to fight trafficking.

“A lot of people in our schools and around us are dealing with sex trafficking and a lot of people don’t know. So we need to bring awareness to it by putting ’X’s’ on our hands,” says student Daphne Ash.

“Our goal is to make sure that our students are aware that slavery still exists today. That sex trafficking is a huge issue in Columbus, Georgia and Atlanta,” says Teacher Emily Steyers. 

Northside High partners with Micah’s Promise for their anti-trafficking campaign.