A Chattahoochee County man convicted of assault and stalking of his then-girlfriend was sentenced to 35 years in state prison this morning.

Malcolm Jackson, 30, was convicted in the March 2018 incident when he held a gun to the head of Ebony Giddens. He was arrested for that, and released from jail the next day. A condition of his release was not to contact Giddens, but he sent her threatening text messages.

Two days after putting the gun to Giddens’ head, she disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since.

Giddens family addressed the court this morning looking for answers from Jackson.

After hearing Giddens’ family plead for information about where she is, Jackson said he had an alibi and did not do it. He also maintained he was innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted.

Judge Arthur Smith sentenced Jackson to 20 years for the aggravated assault; 5 years for the possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony; and 10 years for the aggravated stalking. He ordered the sentences to be served consecutively.

Assistant District Attorney Wesley Lambertus/Assistant argued for the maximum possible sentence.

Jackson served as his own attorney in the case — against the strong advice of Judge Arthur Smith.

Lakeithia Giddens, one of Ebony Giddens’ cousins who testified, said that Jackson representing himself was difficult to watch.

“It was a total disaster,” she said. “He made a mockery of the justice system. It seemed like he made the evidence a joke. Him defending himself was the best decision he could have made.”