HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Eating, drinking, and playing are things children may say they like about school and it’s certainly what adults say they like about Campus 805, an entertainment venue located in an old school building.

“It adds history”, said Amanda Elliot, Social Media Coordinator at Campus 805.

There definitely is a school vibe.

“As you can still see that there’s the basketball goal, there’s the scoreboard we have pictures across the campus of what it used to look like so that way it’s not just totally lost and taken over,” said Elliot.

There is a speakeasy tucked away in the same halls where students once went to their lockers,

“You think it’s just lockers but you don’t have to have a secret combination it just slides open and there’s a secret bar behind,” said Elliot.

“It used to be the band room and they saw the opportunity to convert it to this secret little corner”

There’s a lot of different local beers to choose from, many are even brewed in house.

The brewing room was previously home court for a middle school basketball team, now it’s home base for Straight To Ale, where they make their craft beer and liquor.

“After we ferment our beer, these cone bottoms or fermenters, we will send them over here to our centrifuge, and that clarifies it, we don’t filter our beer we clarify it,” said Glenn Hummer, A Distiller at Straight To Ale.

On the day WHNT News 19 visited Straight To Ale, they kegged, canned, and labeled their liquid gold.

“We’re doing a lot less draft and a lot more cans, we’re kinda getting hit by the can shortage that came up,” said Hummer.

With a can shortage or not, every can needs a label.

“Usually we would label these as we fill them, but we ran out of labels, we just got them in yesterday,” Hummer said.

Each day is different in the brewing room, because they brew based on demand.

“I think on a good day it would be somewhere around 400 cases,” said Hummer, referring to the amount they process each day.

However, it’s not all about beer for these brewers.

“We make vodka, gin, rum whiskey, absinthe, and spiced rum,” he said. “I just wish people would know that we do it here.”

As you roam the school halls, you’ll find axe throwing, local art, outdoor areas, and memorabilia from the middle and high school days that takes you back.

Amanda Elliot says her favorite part of Campus 805 is the history of the building.

“I think its really good to see all the different tenants and all the businesses and be able to see the history of the school,” Elliot said.

Campus 805 is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. If you plan on visiting, masks are required.