LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – According to District 4 Public Health, BA.2 is a variant of Omicron and could potentially pose a threat to the community.  

Hayla Folden, the Media Relations Specialist for DPH said the health department is expecting another surge of positive COVID-19 cases in the upcoming weeks. 

“We’re expecting to see that increase within a couple of weeks, probably the second to third week of April, it could be later. Now is a good time for people to not throw away their masks, hang on to those because those may have to come back out at some point in April,” said Folden. 

According to District 4 Public Health, BA.2 spreads faster than the past variants but does not seem to cause more severe illness.

Folden said DPH has seen a consistent pattern of cases rising every three to four months. The department is expecting an increase in cases sometime in April following the surge of positive cases in January with the Omicron variant. She said the rise in cases typically comes after an increase in cases takes place overseas. 

“If people can start to think of it as a cycle and to expect it, it will make things easier especially when you’re looking for testing,” said Folden. 

Folden said the community can prepare by keeping their masks and purchasing at-home test kits. She is also urging the public to stay alert and go back to the original protocols like social distancing and wearing a mask indoors once the numbers start to rise.