Eta brushes Florida in the forecast and cold front #1 lifts it back into the region this weekend, then out Monday

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Eta has been trumped by Theta out in the far eastern Atlantic making this the most active season ever recorded.

This beats out the 2005 season, which made it to 28th named storms, 2020 is now at 29. The overcast skies and moisture lifting into the region are all being taped by Eta.

Our GRAF model by IBM has been consistent with most spaghetti plots taking it closer to the coast of Florida or just brushing the western side of the Peninsula.

The position and direct impact will rely on either two scenarios, one across Florida and the other by Sunday lifting south to the north right up the Chattahoochee Basin.

If the latter of the two it’ll be a washout weekend! Next week we expect this all to be scoured out by a stronger front, so stay tuned.

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