A week ago, WRBL News 3 told you of a Columbus police crackdown on illegal behavior in the South Commons parking lot. 

We now have exclusive security video obtained under Georgia’s Open Records Act. 

News 3’s Chuck Williams, who broke the story, is here with the video taken from a camera outside the Civic Center. 

When police described what went down in the early morning hours of July 7, it sounded like a scene out of the movie Fast and Furious. The video backs it up. 

At 12:14 a.m., cars start going in every direction as police sealed off the exits. For months, police had suspected illegal behavior ranging from burning rubber to drugs, but when they would roll up, the cars would scatter. 

Not this time, more than 25 police units were involved in the sting that trapped more 113 cars and about 500 people in the parking lot. 

See the full exclusive footage below:

This video shows people riding on the tops of cars, a practice called car surfing. In Georgia, that qualifies as reckless driving. 

Two people were arrested for driving under the influence. Two more were arrested for reckless driving. Four others were arrested on other charges. Thirty citations ranging from no seat belt to driving without headlights were issued. 

Lt. Lance Deaton says two people — Kelyonna Marshall and Kelsey Williams — were arrested and charged with DUI. Two more — De’Anthony Tyson and Jakob Hunsinger — were arrested and charged with reckless driving. A total of eight people were arrested.

Police issued 30 citations for violations ranging from no headlights to not wearing a seat belt.

The detail was spurred by an incident back in February when a Fort Benning soldier was at the Civic Center and left heading north on Veterans Parkway. At 23rd Street, the Subaru that 30-year-old Addison Owen was driving struck and killed a pedestrian. 

The incident happened while the International Cup softball tournament was being played at the South Commons. Though the games were long over, there was an ESPN crew on the scene.