TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – One Callaway High School student is taking initiative and making all home sports games more accessible to all students this school year. 

Junior Class President and athlete, Greyson Batchelor, created The Villa Student All Sports Pass. The season pass gives all Callaway High students access to all home sports events for $60 which typically has a value of over $300. 

“I really do think that with the right promotion of the student section of Callaway athletics that anything can be done. We can achieve however many people we want to have in the stadium or the stands as possible and I think with the right planning it can be achieved,” said Batchelor. 

According to Callaway High School Principal, Jason Graham, the athletic program is funded by gate and concession sales and fundraisers and the season pass could lower the profits this year. 

However, he said the season pass serves three purposes, having students know they have a voice, to build more school spirit at the sporting events, and to make the sporting events more affordable. He describes the season pass as an investment in all students on behalf of the faculty members including Head Football Coach, Pete Wiggins. 

“It’s about the energy and it’s about the repertoire we have with our students and it has contributed significantly to a positive start to the school year so we look forward to the next few weeks,” said Graham. 

The season pass is being sponsored by the local Italian restaurant, The Villa Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. The games also feature different themes to increase student involvement like a Hawaiian Luau and “White Lies”, where students write a white lie about themselves on a t-shirt and that serves as a conversation started with their peers. 

Batchelor is hoping to sell 100 passes by Sep. 2 and said he has already made progress among his peers.