MARION COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – A community member in Marion County braved the heat on Thursday and gave away free water to the entire community. 

Mary Ogletree is the CEO of Kelly Springs and she gave away 30 jugs of water on Thursday morning in Buena Vista. She intends to give away a total of 90 jugs within the next few days. 

 “I just felt it in my heart by having a pure spring right across the line and it’s good drinking water and I thought it would be nice to do that,” said Ogletree. 

A few weeks ago a lightning strike caused a forty-foot section of a water main to burst in Marion County leaving residents in search of water during record breaking heat temperatures. Their water provider, Clear Water Solutions, has been scrambling to restore water to all the residents. Columbus Water Works has also stepped in and provided technology that has allowed Marion County to find the root of the problem and reroute the water distribution. 

Sasha Walton has been a resident of Marion County nearly her whole life. She said when the lightning strike caused the water main to burst she could not work and could not drink the water in her home. 

“Thank you to y’all because this is something really, to not have running water you can’t do anything, you can’t cook, clean, shower. You can’t work if you work at a restaurant or something like that so I think this is great and I want to say thank you,” said Walton. 

With the distribution of the thirty jugs, Ogletree donated nearly $200 in water.