Florida braces for Hurricane Dorian

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(CBS) Puerto Rico avoided the full wrath of Hurricane Dorian yesterday. It caused just minor damages on the island.

The U.S. Virgin Islands took a more direct hit, with power outages and flooding but not much more.

Meanwhile Florida is in a state of emergency as it prepares for the storm to make a possible Labor Day landfall.  Officials are pleading with residents to get ready now and not wait until the last minute.

Store shelves are emptying across Florida.

“I bought a lot tuna fish, and potato chips and peanut butter and jelly and lots of water,” said Carol Brafman of Broward County, Florida.

Dorian pounded the U.S. Virgin Islands as a category one hurricane and is now forecasted to reach Florida this weekend.

“Have a plan. Be ready and listen,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Governor Ron DeSantis told all Floridians to stock up on seven days worth of supplies.

“Even though it’s small one, you wanna pretend it’s not coming? You pretend it’s coming,” said Juan Matos, of Cape Coral, Florida.

 “Even if nothing happens, I’m still gonna use this,” said Louis Olivo referring to items he’s purchasing for storm prep.

Tourists in Daytona Beach, Florida, are deciding whether to get out of town or hunker down.

“I think we’re going to ride it out unless it’s something crazy, you know, like a three or four, absolutely not,” said Joey Gower, a tourist from Quincy, Illinois.

Local business leaders say they understand if tourists leave.

“Why would you want to come to hotel with two kids and be trapped for three days you could stay home and listen to them scream,” questioned Bob Davis, CEO & President of the Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusia County, Florida.

Homeowners are preparing. filling up sandbags and installing hurricane resistant windows and doors.

“People think Just putting basic materials over the windows and tape none of its going to work. it’s all just false security, none of it works,” said Greg Moore, owner of Rollshield Hurricane Shutter.

Dorian may also move north into other states like South Carolina and Georgia.

The US National Hurricane Center says Dorian could become a powerful Category 3 when it reaches Florida this weekend.

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