We will see a more average start to the workweek cold albeit we are in a typical January pattern. This being said we will get just enough sunshine and a mix of clouds through Wednesday for a slight warm-up each afternoon.

Remember our last snow event was 4 years ago today, and it was a two-day event 17th and 18th of January. We are in a similar pattern.  

We will be sub-freezing the next two mornings and Wednesday we will warm into the lower 60s ahead of a fast cold front that will bring a soggy wet mess Thursday morning. There may be a few rumbles of thunder but not severe.

Watching a Gulf Storm forming Friday We must be glued to these types of storms here in the Deep South. Anytime a system forms in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to shoot over ridding moisture over a sub-freezing surface, this spells trouble of the worst kind.

The set-up NOT WX AWARE until Thursday-Friday (Confidence for timing):

This is nothing like the Super Storm of ’93 I just want to be clear but in this case, we could see Freezing rain chances over snow with the current set-up. A low is expected to for on the tail of Thursday’s front, and it appears to be clear and freezing at the surface presiding this storm’s moisture arriving.

Looking around 2500’ with snow melting and then rain refreezing on objects and surfaces. BUT ONLY if we dip below freezing, otherwise we may see sleet but either way, this is looking on the last three runs, as an ice event.