Troup County, Ga. (WRBL) – Douglas Robert Meserole, a former Troup County Detention Officer, allegedly stole money from two inmates while working at the Troup County Jail. He was assigned as the Store Call Officer in charge of inmate funds and commissary at the time. 

Sgt. Stewart Smith, the Public Information Officer for the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, said all employees at the sheriff’s office are held to a higher standard. He also said the sheriff’s office initially did not take checks but that changed due to the pandemic and the federal checks coming in.  

“We’ve since put additional steps in place if we do receive checks that there’s two or three eyes or two or three hands that are seeing that check. They are put into a safe on initial receiving here at the sheriff’s office and then it goes to another set of hands and receipts are written and the inmate knows they received it,” said Sgt. Smith. 

According to Sgt. Smith, Meserole resigned last fall for unrelated reasons and the department conducted an audit afterwards to the inmate commissary funds. He said it is standard procedure after a Store Call Officer leaves to conduct audits based on the nature of the job. Audits are also conducted on a monthly basis for the inmates commissary accounts. 

The audit that was done by Kimble’s Food by Design, the company that supplies the commissary items to the Troup County Jail, displayed possible discrepancies. An investigation was launched and it was determined that Meserole allegedly stole $2,800 from two inmates. 

Throughout the audit and investigation, the inmates had advised the sheriff’s office that they had missing funds in their commissary accounts. Sgt. Smith said the missing money was part of the stimulus checks that were given out by the federal government. 

According to Sgt. Smith, Meserole deposited the checks in the inmates accounts and then withdrew the money on prepaid debit cards and used it. 

Meserole has been charged with two counts of Theft by Taking by a Fiduciary. He was arrested on April 12 and a bond was set of $10,000 which was posted the same day. He is now awaiting trial for these crimes.