Columbus, Ga (WRBL)- For the past several years, Fort Moore has had the highest number of heat related injuries of any military post. That’s why the Army Heat Center was established in Fort Moore in 2019. In their first year of operation, there were 95 heat strokes on post. Last year, there were only 34 heat strokes, which is a 70% decrease.

Director of the Army Heat Center Dr. David DeGroot says that all suspected heat injuries are transported first to the hospital then to the Army Heat Center. There they look to understand why that individual became a heat casualty and the risk factors they posses.

Drill Sergeant Escarcega explained to WRBL that all new trainees perform a man down drill daily to prepare for the heat. This involves a making sure that trainees can act promptly to retrieve ice sheets, call cadre members, and call Echo 911.

Other measures in place to keep new trainees save include having an arm dunk tank to cool heat spots, a wet bulb thermometer to measure current conditions, and having cadre members wear the same uniform as trainees.