LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – The Goodwill Career Center held its second multi-employer hiring event since opening a little over a month ago. There were 13 employers present like Callaway Gardens and Waffle House and 170 candidates arrived searching for jobs. 

Bob Goehring, the Manager of the Career Center, said aside from hiring events the center is also offering personal and career development. They will assist candidates with things improving appearance and communication skills and will review resumes and prep candidates for interviews. 

“The motto of the mission of Goodwill which a lot of people have no idea, including me about four months ago, was that the whole purpose of Goodwill was to help people find jobs, keep jobs and improve the quality of their lives,” said Goehring. 

He said the immediate goal is to help people find jobs but the eventual goal is to help employers be better employers. He would like to teach the employers different methods to running a business place that is effective for everyone and help them maintain employees.

He said the center hopes to bring in additional people who can provide training for specific jobs like forklift drivers or welders. At the end of the training program, each person that participates would be certified to work in that specific industry. 

Goehring said the career center works off of a database and every candidate who attends the job fairs must sign in so the center can look at the trends in the numbers. He said the center also follows up with every candidate a few weeks after the job fair to see if they need any more assistance.