Governor Kemp discusses his priorities for 2020 Legislative Session

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ATLANTA -This week, Georgia lawmakers are back in session after holding budget talks last week.

Gov. Brian Kemp says his priorities for the state are education and healthcare.

The governor says Georgia lawmakers must pass a balanced budget

“Our revenues have flattened with a 4% cut in the amended budget and a 6% cut in the big budget,” said Kemp.

His focus for 2020: education, health care and public safety.

“Making sure we are fully funding public education, like we have done last year and the year before that,” said Kemp.

Governor Kemp promises a pay increase for teachers, saying it’s important to keep teacher’s salary up so they don’t leave Georgia.

“To make sure we are paying our teachers a wage where we don’t have 44%  of them leaving our state within the first 5 years of becoming a teacher,” Kemp remarked.

And don’t put your bets on casinos coming to Georgia, any time soon.

“I have been opposed to casino gambling. The bottom line is we need to protect the HOPE scholarship. That is what I will continue to fight for,” Kemp said.

Governor Kemp says rural health care access is a top priority

“We want to continue to build and produce more medical professionals to get those folks to build and practice in rural Georgia in parts of our state that do not have those services,” said the governor.

Keeping our streets safe is also a priority.

“We are going to fund the priorities like public safety, going after street gangs, transportation so that we can continue to move our people and our commerce and goods and services around the state,” Kemp said. 

Kemp also says he’s proud of Georgia’s economy.

“We have the lowest unemployment rate we’ve ever had, we’ve had the most amount of people working, we’ve been the #1 country for business for 7 years in a row,” Kemp said.

Lawmakers resubmitted a House bill to revise the “Move On When Ready Act,” regarding dual education credit.

Governor Kemp also promised to do more for Georgia’s film industry and to offer tax incentives to boost the economy.

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