LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – According to District 4 Public Health, there were seven deaths due to drug overdoses in Troup County in 2020. Most of those deaths were white women, ages 25-34. DPH is now handing out Deterra Drug Deactivation Systems to help lower that number.

Hayla Folden, the Media Relations Specialist for District 4 Public Health, said Troup County is one of the counties with the most deaths cause by drug overdoses. She hopes the new deactivation systems will help lower those numbers.

“Overall, we see more drug overdoses in District 4 white men and women between 25-34,” said Folden.

The Deterra Drug Deactivation Systems are designed to be used with pills that are no longer being used by an individual. It contains organic activated carbon that when mixed with pills, deactivates the pills. The pouch is filled halfway with warm water and the carbon foams to deactivate the pills in the pouch.

Folden hopes this will also help limit any confusion for people who change medications or dosages. She said the medication can now be disposed of properly without being left in the home.

“The great thing is, these are going to help prevent drugs from circulating on the street or from people within your household getting them and ingesting medications that they don’t need to be taking,” said Folden.

The pouches are now available for free at the District 4 Public Health building located at 900 Dallis St.