What a wonderful start to the work week as we’ve got temperatures this morning down into the 60s, and even better, the air is quite dry, so how does it feel…it feels invigorating according to our muggy meter.

The big difference from last week? Last week, we had the humidity, resulting in high heat index values. This week, not so much. The heat index will be very close if not right at the actual temperature, which makes a big difference and makes the heat a little more tolerable, but you still want to take these hot temperatures serious.

High pressure is really dominating our weather right now as the showers and storms are well to the south along the coast. So if you’re headed to say Panama City Beach for some vacation time, just know you’ll have a chance for some afternoon showers and storms. Locally though, it’ll just be hot and dry for much of the week with highs reaching the low 100s by Wednesday. Other than a few clouds from time to time, things remain dry through Friday.

As far as the Tropics go, the National Hurricane Center is not expecting any development over the next 5 days, so no relief in sight from the Tropics.

So, for the next 7 days, pretty quiet, but it’ll be pretty hot too. But, the good news is, it’ll be a dry heat. We do see some moisture return by Saturday and Sunday, give us a small chance for those pop-up afternoon thunderstorms.

Have a great week and thanks for watching WRBL News 3! Brian