HOGANSVILLE, Ga. (WRBL) – Kawaun Breary is facing many charges after breaking into cars and for possession of many narcotics found by the Hogansville Police Department. Within a week HPD responded to about 15-18 calls of cars being broken into. The department then centered much of its time and resources to find the suspect.

Ryan Loubet, Sergeant for the Hogansville Police Department, said just on August, 7, 2021 the department responded to four calls of someone entering autos.

“We had a couple officers come in on their off duty and paid them a little overtime to come in and help us focus on the crime in the area. Last night they were able to make contact with the individual who then took off running on foot,” said Loubet.

The officers were searching for Breary for about four hours before identifying him at his home residence, 204 Baugh Ave. They identified him when he dropped a bag containing items he had taken from cars. His mother recognized the bag at the police station and confirmed that it belonged to her son. Breary was taken into custody and transported to the Troup County Jail.

HPD then obtained a search warrant for Breary’s home where they found many narcotics including marijuana, methamphetamine, acid and mushrooms. Along with the substances, police found devices for smoking narcotics, scales for distributing and manufacturing distributing items.

Breary is currently facing many charges including, entering autos on numerous accounts, possession of tools to commission a crime, firearm to commission a crime, trafficking and possession of narcotics.

Loubet said he believes the car break-ins will stop however, citizens should be mindful of locking their doors at night and bringing in their valuables from their cars to their homes.