LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – Leon Childs Jr. is one of the five contenders to be next in line to represent District 2. Childs has lived in the district for over 30 years and said he decided to run because he believes the district lacks a lot of resources and he would like to change that. 

“I am very, very passionate about education because I know what it did for me in my life,” said Childs. 

Childs is currently the Director of the afterschool program, Adaptive Growth and Cultural Advancement Organization and has served as Director for nearly a decade.

Childs said food insecurity is a big challenge for many of the families living within District 2 and crime is up within the district limits as well. He intends to focus on bringing a variety of resources to the community like education and fresh food. 

He would like to create more initiatives like intervention programs for the young adults in the district that would deter them from participating in crimes. He was once a troubled child that faced criminal charges in his teenage years and although he was never convicted of those charges; he credits mentors for helping guide him on a different path. He would like to serve as a mentor for the young adults in the community as he once had. 

“Anywhere where there is a high chance of poverty concentrated at, there will be a lot of crime. That’s why I speak to you about resources, if we can bring resources to District 2 for intervention programs and job training programs for the work force and different things,” said Childs. 

Childs also believes that District 2 receives less of the taxpayers money than some of the surrounding districts and would like to change that, if elected. 

“I am here to levelize and equal the playing field and also bring opportunities to all of the citizens of District 2,” said Childs. 

Childs said if elected, he would be honored to step into the seat after longtime councilor, LeGree McCamey. According to Childs, McCamey was once a huge supporter of the initiatives Childs has brought to the community like the afterschool program.