WEST POINT, Ga. (WRBL) – According to Rick Douglas, the Senior Manager of Teams Relations at KIA Georgia, the manufacturing plant is looking to hire 200-250 more employees. 

“We’re holding our production fairly steady, we just need to accelerate a little bit faster and have more volume and we’re trying to hire more people to accomplish that,” said Douglas. 

KIA’s need for more employees became more evident when they launched the new KIA Sportage in February and they were faced with a higher demand.

Douglas said KIA has created new incentives to bring in more employees including increasing the radius of their search, increasing hourly wages and marketing available openings at job fairs. 

“I wouldn’t say that we’ve slowed down for lack of people, we just want to accelerate. In order to meet our higher production volumes we need more people so it’s more difficult to find people,” said Douglas. 

Douglas said KIA is hiring in all departments and especially in production and team member jobs. He credits the search for employees to the pandemic and believes many people did not return back to the workforce post COVID-19. He said the entire car manufacturing industry has been affected and there has been an increased difficulty in finding employees. 

This is not the first barrier KIA Georgia has faced this year, they have been experiencing a semiconductor shortage for months and expect it to continue through the end of the year. Although both shortages have not slowed down production they have caused an increase in the planning KIA employees do everyday to ensure the constant production of cars is not stopped. 

If interested in applying for a job with KIA Georgia please head to KIAgeorgia.com and click on “Careers”.