LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – LaGrange based electricity company, Diverse Power, is sharing tips on staying safe and keeping electricity bills low this holiday season.  

Ken Pope, the Residential Services Marketing Coordinator for Diverse Power, said the biggest tip to saving money and reducing the risk of fires during the holiday season is to use LED lights instead of incandescent lights. 

“LED is the way to go not only from an energy perspective but a safety perspective, those bulbs do not get warm another big benefit of LED,” said Pope. 

On average, LED lights have about a 70% reduction in the cost of electricity bills versus incandescent lights. 

Pope also said people should use more caution when using incandescent lights because of the wattage usage amount which can cause fires if they overheat. Using too many incandescent lights at one time can cause a breaker to short circuit and possibly ignite it. LED lights can help avoid this because they use a much smaller wattage amount and do not typically overheat. 

“If you’re using LED lights, more than likely you’re not gonna have enough plugged together at one receptacle that you’re going to overload it, more than likely. There again refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the box but if you do happen to plug that many together, split them up to different circuits,” said Pope. 

Pope said if incandescent lights are left on for a long period of time next to something flammable then they can ignite and cause a house fire. 

He recommends using a power strip that has a circuit interrupter in it when putting up a lot of lights in a home so if the circuit is overloaded it will shut the power strip off and not the breaker.