LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – LaGrange College had a unique half time at the men’s basketball game on January 18. The men’s basketball team from 1982-1983 was honored for their championship win in the Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GIAC) in 1983.

Sam Cotton is a LaGrange native and was one of the captains of the 1982-1983 team that helped organize the recognition event.

“The work that we put in is paying off. Not only just myself but all the teammates, each and every one of them that I got in touch with. It was like a trip down memory lane and every last one of them gets to feel the honor with that championship banner,” said Cotton.

Cotton said there were about 15 players on the team that won the GIAC and most were in attendance to accept their recognition.

Many players came from different states like South Carolina and Florida to be in attendance for the recognition. Each one was given a framed team picture along with a list of players who were on the team.

Mitchell Hanson, was a senior and a forward on the 1982-1983 team traveled from Orlando, Florida to be recognized and accept the memorabilia.

“The award is nice but really, it’s more important to get to be with the fellas one more time because we all know now as older men, we’ll never be together another time. All of us like this, this is it, so that’s very special. When you’re older, you can appreciate it in the moment you don’t need to reflect on it as it’s happening in live time you appreciate it right now,” said Hanson.

Similar to Cotton, Hanson has visited his alma mater a few times after graduation for different events like Homecoming.

One of the former cheerleaders was also in attendance and she was also recognized for her participation with the winning team.