LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – The LaGrange Youth Council will be hosting their first Fun Run on April 9, 2022 that will benefit Pat’s Garden, a project that will provide healthy fruits and vegetables to the Calumet Park community. 

The idea for the fundraiser came from the Committee Chairman for Sustainability, Devin Dents. Dents is a senior at LaGrange High School who lives in Calumet Park and will be attending Morehouse College in the fall.

“I wanted to do something to honor a community leader who did so much for Calumet Park and I just wanted to help my people in that community eat well,” said Dents. 

The garden will be in honor of a beloved corner store owner, Patricia Underwood. According to previous reports, Underwood owned and operated “Pat’s Corner Store” and was hit by a stray bullet one night while working in February 2020. She was 78 at the time of her death and many people in the community continue to remember and honor her. 

According to Dents, Underwood also known as “Miss Pat” was known for her kindness in the community. Dents said people often remember her for mentoring youth and giving advice. 

He said would like to raise enough money to build the garden and support it afterwards. It will be located on Hines St., one of the entrance streets of Calumet Park. 

Dents has been working closely with Adam Speas, the LaGrange Youth Council Advisor, on the event. He said the youth council administration tries to emphasize three things; improve your community, learn about government and be a voice for the people and the youth within the city.

“Devin came in with a passion and that was with Pat’s Garden. I think it fits perfectly with what we’re trying to help these students do, which is be a part of the community. To improve the community and help with the community garden with a staple of the Calumet neighborhood I think is exactly what we want to see students doing,” said Speas. 

Speas said the projects created by the youth council are student-led and city officials like himself are there to support and help build the projects. The youth council gives junior and senior students an opportunity to practice certain skills like interviewing and professionalism.

Registration for this event is now open and will also be available on the day of the race. If interested in donating to this cause or registering for the fun run, please visit @lagrangeyouthcouncilga on Paypal or Venmo. Registration is $20.