LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – The LaGrange Housing Authority has completed a $17 million project, The Phoenix. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Nov. 2, 2021 to welcome the new housing project that consists of 76 new apartment units, a community center and a gym.

Zsa Zsa Heard, the Chief Executive Officer of The Phoenix, said she is so excited about the new units and hopes the residents will enjoy living in them. She hopes this project will inspire residents to work hard and aspire for things that they may not imagine possible.

“The key is to get them to move so that they get to the next level. Because really it should be about ‘I get to move residents and residents get to get in my seat one day’ so I want this movement to continue because it will become much more powerful when those young girls and young boys see the people out here,” said Heard.

The Phoenix was paid for by investors like U.S. Bank, Vantage Development and the Department of Community Affairs. Heard said because of the investors, the housing authority did not have to spend any money on the project.

Heard also said the housing authority had estimated the project would take about 18 months however, it was completed in about a year and they were able to meet their goal of making Nov. 3, 2021 move-in day. She said her favorite part is the units with multiple bedrooms have multiple bathrooms which is something that had not been possible before in affordable housing.

Shirelle Brown, is a LaGrange native and has been part of the housing authority for about five years. She and her three daughters will be moving into one of the new units in The Phoenix.

“To be part of this big change, for me it’s changing everything from where we was to where we are now and everything and it feels more like home to be able to be in something bigger, more spacious and more bathrooms and everything,” said Brown.

Brown thanks the housing authority for the all the opportunities they have provided for her and her daughters.