LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – LaGrange native, Ashley Cousin, is one of the five candidates competing for the District 2 city council seat. District 2 will become available when current councilmember, Dr. Willie Edmondson, steps into the role as Mayor following Mayor Thornton’s resignation.

If elected, Cousin said her focus would be on the children and seniors in the community. She would also like to mend relationships between law enforcement and the citizens in the community. 

“One of the biggest things that I do want to do is implement more programs into the school that has something to do with the police,” said Cousin. 

Cousin would like to implement a program in the high schools that would serve as  apprenticeships for students going into law enforcement after high school. It would serve as another option for students not interested in working at the local factories and cannot attend college. 

“When you have those kids that are coming out of high school and going straight to the academy, we know those kids, we know their families already. They’re not from different places so once they come in they can automatically know who they’re talking to and how we can come down with the crime rate,” said Cousin. 

Cousin would also like to add additional resources for the disabled citizens in the community. Through personal experiences, she has seen a lack of assistance and would like to change that going forward.