LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – Phil Nations is a LaGrange native and former small business owner, he is running as the opponent for the seat of Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in Troup County in the primary elections in May. 

“Troup County has been good to me and I feel like I can give back now, it’s my time to give back and I want the people to understand I’m doing this for them, I’m not doing it for me. I’ve had my time, it’s time for some other people to get something back from what I have to offer,” said Nations.

Nations said if elected he would like to focus on affordable housing and business development in Troup County. He said there used to be many shopping and dining options but that shifted when the county began placing many ordinance restrictions. He would like to lift many of the restrictions and give residents the option to shop and dine within the county instead of taking the revenue elsewhere. 

According to Nations, when the county began to place all the ordinances many of the small businesses in the area could not afford to rebuild in accordance with the regulations. That left many with no option but to close their doors. 

“That stuff needs to be looked at and handled in a different way. What’s good for the community instead of good for a few people in the community, it needs to be good for the whole community,” said Nations. 

Nations said a big focus of his would be the medium to lower income citizens of Troup County. He believes there is not enough housing for those citizens and many cannot afford to live in the apartments that are available and are often losing their homes.

He also said he would like to work on removing school taxes like the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (E-SPLOST) in Troup County. He said many senior citizens in the area cannot afford those taxes and he would like to find a different way to continue bringing in that income.