LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – Brandi Luke is a LaGrange woman who has been battling medical complications for the past eight years. After suffering two cardiopulmonary arrests this year she is grateful to be spending another Thanksgiving with her family.

“I’m here, I have family that loves me and that I love and I can still contribute in small ways so I’m blessed to be here,” said Luke. 

Luke currently has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a syndrome that causes reduced blood volume and causes people to faint if they stand up too quickly. POTS has also affected Luke’s digestive system and she was also diagnosed with Gastroparesis. The digestive disorder affects her ability to process food through her body and causes delayed gastric emptying. 

Luke had three surgeries in 2021 and coded twice in the hospital this year. She had a gastric bypass done in an attempt to control the Gastroparesis which resulted in having her large colon removed when that did not work. She also had a part of her small intestine removed because it also stopped working. The most recent surgery was having an I.V. port inserted into her chest that provides her body with hydration fluids, a process that takes four hours a day. 

“The emergency room here in LaGrange probably knows me by name,” said Luke. 

She will also begin total parenteral nutrition (TPN) the first week of December to provide her with the nutrients she can no longer receive from food. Given the limited movement in her digestive tract, TPN gives her a feeding method that will still provide her with vitamins and nutrients. 

Luke said despite all her health challenges she is still blessed and highly favored to be alive. As she celebrates Thanksgiving, she is very grateful for her family and Facebook group, Chatty LaGrange Women, for the constant support. Chatty LaGrange Women is a Facebook group with over 5,000 women in Troup County that empower each other and provide a safe space to engage among women on Facebook.

“There are no words in the English language that I could use to show my gratitude, to express my gratitude. From the very bottom of my heart- to my husband, to my daughter, to my son who makes me laugh everyday, to the Chatty LaGrange Women who just call me or text me and send me funny memes and send me things like this that I can look at when I’m really stressed and I can say, you know what, I am blessed. I am loved by so many women, so many family members, so many people that just choose to help out of the kindness of their heart and I thank them with everything in me,” said Luke. 

Luke said she is grateful to be spending another Thanksgiving with her family. She has been looking forward to joining the festivities and hearing what everyone is thankful for. 

“I’m here. I’m thankful to still be here, I could have twice been gone and this Thanksgiving my family could be celebrating without me but by the grace of God and the help of all the family and friends that have stepped in I’m so thankful to still be here and to be loved and to celebrate life with them,” said Luke.