LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – Casey Duffield has been battling Hereditary Myopathy, a rare strain of Muscular Dystrophy, with Early Respiratory Failure for several years. She is only one of the two people in the United States with Hereditary Myopathy. She just received a $500 grant from Hillside Montessori of LaGrange for her foundation, Casey’s Cure MD. 

‘It really made me feel special. Hillside Montessori is more than just a community, it has become family while Ethan has been there. I was really happy the school chose to donate to the foundation and further our cause,” said Duffield. 

Duffield’s youngest son, Ethan, attended Hillside Montessori prior to graduating this year and that is how they learned about her cause. 

The money donated to Casey’s Foundation will fund a neuro-muscular conference Duffield is attending in a few weeks. She is going to meet several scientists in hopes of furthering the cause and the research being done around Hereditary Myopathy. 

Duffield was diagnosed with Hereditary Myopathy when she was 35. Her father passed away from Muscular Dystrophy years before her diagnosis. 

Since then, she and her mother decided to create a foundation, Casey’s Cure, which aims to raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy and specifically, Hereditary Myopathy. 

Bethany Headrick is the Head of School at Hillside Montessori and she said the school wanted to contribute to Casey’s Cure prior to Ethan’s graduation. 

“The opportunity came up for us to participate in the Spring Artisan Market and we decided that that would be the perfect opportunity to raise funds specifically for Casey’s Cure,” said Headrick. 

Hillside Montessori sold several different types of art at the market like jewelry, paintings, leather bookmarks and many more items.  

Headrick said the school likes to participate in charitable events and Casey’s Cure hit close to home. 

The students at Hillside Montessori also wanted to support the organization, Doctors Without Borders, for the doctors who are currently assisting in Ukraine. Half the proceeds from the Artisan Market went to that organization as well.