Lawmakers debate voting security ahead of 2020 elections

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WASHINGTON – With the next presidential election looming, congressional Democrats are pushing measures to secure each vote.

“The threat we faced in 2020 in my view are going to make 2016 look like small potatoes,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D), Oregon.

This week, Senate Democrats Ron Wyden of Oregon, Dick Durbin of Illinois, and Mark Warner of Virginia tried to force votes on bills that mandate use of paper ballots and require that campaigns report foreign interference.

Their bills would also put strict rules on social media political ads.

“Every second someone is trying to figure out how to get into your mind and into your life and we’re trying to keep technology up with this reality,” said Durbin.

But one by one, the bills were blocked by Senate Republicans who say the plans are partisan, too expensive and actually make elections less safe.

“This bill has more red flags than the Chinese Embassy,” said Sen. John Kennedy, (R) Louisiana.

Senator Marsha Blackburn says this job is up to the states.

“I believe elections and elections security is the jurisdiction of our local election commissions,” said Blackburn, (R), Tennessee.

“The fact the Republican leadership backed by the White House won’t even let us vote is a real disgrace,” said Sen. Mark Warner, (D) Virginia.

Senator Warner says his will pass if a vote is allowed.

But for now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell only supports giving local elections authorities the money they need to secure elections.

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