Lawmakers move to restrict President’s war powers; veto likely

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WASHINGTON- The Senate sent a message to President Trump: if you want to wage war, you’ve got to get our approval first.

Both Republicans and Democrats approved the war powers resolution to rein in the president’s ability to commit military action.

But President Trump is expected to veto the measure.

Eight Senate Republicans voted with Democrats on Thursday to limit President Trump’s ability to use military force against Iran.

“There should be a thoughtful process always when we commit troops,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D) Ohio.

Sen. Brown was among those who voted in favor of the measure.

“I don’t think that this administration has been serious-minded enough when we’ve decided to move troops in or out,” said Brown.

The vote came in response to the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani last month.

“Passing this resolution is a first step towards protecting our servicemembers and our interests in the region,” said Sen. Patty Murray, (D) Washington.

Despite eight Republicans breaking party ranks to support the measure, others like Lindsey Graham and John Thune argued the resolution damages the president’s ability to keep the country safe.

“I think its an unconstitutional intrusion on the ability of any commander in chief to defend the nation,” said Sen. Graham, (R) South Carolina.

“I also believe that the president has the authority and indeed the responsibility to protect the united states from imminent threats,” said Sen. Thune, (R) South Dakota.

The administration says Congress authorized the attack on Soleimani 17 years ago when it approved the war in Iraq.

But Senator Dick Durbin says it’s time for congress to step up and take back its constitutional authority to declare war.

“It’s a responsibility that most members of Congress talk about a lot, but frankly don’t want to face,” said Sen. Durbin, (D) Illinois.

The White House says President Trump will likely veto the measure.

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