COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – New Year’s Resolutions are typically set at the beginning of a new year but this year, one local gym tells WRBL that many locals are getting ahead of the trend.

Scott Balkcum, the Vice President of Operations for the YMCA of Columbus, told WRBL that the number of people purchasing gym memberships increased at the beginning of December.

“What we’ve seen post-COVID is that more people are coming before the start of the year so a little bit into December and then they’ll continue throughout January,” said Balkcum.

He said the YMCA currently has over 10,000 members enrolled with over 100 new enrollments just in December.

Alex and Emily Cattley are some of those new enrollments who decided to get ahead of the New Year’s Resolution rush.

“There’s no better time to get started on goals either, might as well start now,” said Emily.

They said they chose to join the YMCA so they could work out together while their son enjoys the childcare area with other children.

“There is great childcare, and it offers a bunch of stuff outside of just a gym too,” said Alex.

Balkcum said the enrollment numbers will level throughout the year and then spike at the beginning of the summer again as people prepare for the season.

The YMCA currently has half off membership fees through the end of the year.