COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) –  As Mimi Woodson retires from her almost 30-year tenure as Columbus city councilmember, she shared her reasons for stepping down with News 3.

“The reason I considered retiring is because when I ran for council it was Christian based and the Bible says ‘seventh is completion’ and this is my seventh term. I feel that I was used to show people that if they believe in God and in themselves, anything is possible,” said Woodson. 

Woodson has always said that she is led by her faith and the example she sets as a Latina with a position of power in the local government. She is also driven by the support she receives from the Hispanic community.

Although Woodson is not originally from Columbus, she made the Fountain City home when she retired from the Army and ran for city council after only living in the area for two years. 

Woodson said she is looking forward to spending more time with family and friends as she approaches her 65th birthday. 

Despite stepping down as a council member Woodson said she intends to continue being active in the community especially with the revitalization project of South Lumpkin Road. There is a redevelopment plan for the area that includes property maintenance and residential redevelopment. 

Woodson said she wishes Cogle success as she takes over District 7 and she hopes she will continue to grow the district as she takes over. 

“I’m not going nowhere and I’ll be here to help them and I will do everything in my power to help them be successful and to take care of the citizens of District 7,” said Woodson. 

Cogle will officially become the city council member overseeing District 7 at the end of the year once Woodson’s term is completed.