COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – When driving down Macon Road in Columbus recently residents undoubtedly noticed some roadblocks. The Department of Transportation is currently working to repave nearly 5 miles.

Cones line Macon Road but no progress can be seen when the sun’s up as crews are busy working at night.
The goal is to complete the project in sections so that they can keep the road open throughout the day.
The current conditions of Macon road are uneven, patchy and a lack of paint separating lanes and defining turn lanes. Which creates a safety hazard for drivers.

Columbus Director of Engineering Donna Newman explains the reason for the uneven and patchy road conditions.

“They are focusing on the tie ins and some of the ADA sidewalk improvements. They’re putting all of that in place. So when they start the construction on the main line, they will tie in and it will be a smooth transition versus doing the main line and then having to tie them to the main line.”


The project runs from East Columbus starting at Reece Road and runs along Macon Road down Wynnton Road, Buena Vista Rd and left on 13th street and will be completed at Veterans Parkway.

The Department of Transportation recommends avoiding the area starting at 9pm so that you are not held up in traffic.

The DOT plans to have the project completed by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.