Columbus, Georgia (WRBL) Men dressed in suits marched together this evening in Columbus to bring peace and change in the wake of all of the violence.

The “100 Men and Suits March” brought in more than 300 men marching for change downtown near the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. Black and white men shared a moment of prayer and watched a special dance performed by the youth.

News 3 spoke with the organizer of the march who says he wanted to do something creative while making a powerful statement in the community.

“I said “let’s just dress up!” There’s nothing like a well-dressed person. I never saw anybody go to an interview with regular clothes on you look sharp and look good so why not march well. People can talk a lot about change people can say this and that about change but if you’re doing something about it that’s important,” says Delontaye Taylor, Organizer.

Taylor says with all of the positive feedback from the community, he hopes to bring back the march soon.