A Upatoi woman whose son was killed during a home invasion last month is now under arrest on multiple drug charges.

Autumn Lynn Tillery, 37, was booked into the Muscogee County Jail late Monday where she is being held without bond pending her Recorder’s Court hearing this afternoon.

Her charges include five counts of sale and manufacturing of a controlled substance, according to Muscogee County Jail records. Other charges include maintaining a disorderly house and possession and use of drug-related objects.

Tillery turned herself into police.

List of charges:

— Dextroamphetamine with Intent (Ga. Code 13-13-30)

— Pregabalin with Intent (Ga. Code 16-13-30)

— VGCSA SCH IV (Alprazolam-Ga. Code 16-13-30)

— VGCSA SCH II (Oxycotin-Ga. Code 16-13-30)

— LSD with Intent (Ga. Code 16-13-30)

— Marijuana with Intent (Ga. Code 16-13-30)

— Methamphetamine with Intent (Ga. Code 16-13-30)

— Drug Related Objects (Ga. Code 16-13-32.2)

— Maintaining a Disorderly House (Ga. Code 16-11-44)

Tillery is being represented by Columbus attorney Jennifer Dunlap. Tillery turned herself into the jail about 8:30 Monday.

Dunlap says she will be asking for a bond during Tuesday’s hearing.

Her son, 21-year-old Cross Henderson was shot to death on Jan. 18 inside her upscale Upatoi Ridge home.

Ce’uion English, 23, Laqwane Kindred, 26, Anthony Foster, 23, Trevonius Williams, 22, Mercedes Kraft, 17, and an unnamed juvenile girl were all charged with his murder.

“This drug arrest is a spinoff of the home invasion and murder investigation,” Maj. J.D. Hawk tells News 3 this morning.

Police say all of those charged in the murder were involved in a Columbus street gang that targets drug dealers. The Tillery home had been robbed in the week prior to the Jan. 18 robbery, police say. The first robbery was not reported to the police and they suspect some of the same people were involved in the earlier robbery.

On Jan. 18, police say a “large quantity of marijuana” and an undetermined amount of cash was stolen from Tillery’s home. A portion of those drugs and cash were discovered at Foster’s home at the time of his arrest, police say. Tillery identified the drugs, they were packaged for resale, police say.

The six are members of the FNG street gang.

“We have had multiple murders of FNG members attempting to rob drug dealers,” Detective Sherman Hayes testified during a Recorder’s Court hearing for the six suspects.

During that hearing, police told of how five of the suspects — three men and the two teenage girls — ambushed a gathering at the home just after midnight. They came in from a woodline as many of those at the house were gathered on a porch.

The intruders were armed with multiple weapons, including “an AK-47 style weapon,” according to Hayes. The suspects had T-shirts tied around their heads, obscuring their identity. Henderson was taken upstairs at gunpoint and five of his friends were ordered to go face down in the living room. Henderson screamed at his mother, Autumn Tillery, to call 911. He was shot one time in the back and later died from the wound.

The friends were told not to look up and when they did they were punched, kicked and pistol-whipped. One of them suffered a severe gash when he was hit with the butt end of a gun.

Throughout the robbery, the suspects were yelling “Give it up,” the detective testified.

Tillery had been arrested on drug charges three years ago, but she was not convicted of those charges. Charges of possession of a controlled substance — Tapentadol and Tramadol — were dropped on March 12, 2019.

An affidavit was presented to the District Attorney’s office with a witness claiming the drugs belonged to them. One of the reasons stated in the dismissal motion was that Tillery had no prior arrests for violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

She pleaded guilty to a DUI charge.