MASON CITY, Iowa- (Video from KIMT, WCCO, and CBS “48 Hours”)

Today marks the anniversary of one of America’s most infamous missing person cases and one that left TV journalists shaken. Twenty-four years ago today, television news anchor Jodi Huisentruit vanished.

Someone targeted the television anchor in an abduction as she was leaving her apartment to head to work. It happened in Mason City, Iowa, where the young journalist found herself a rising star until the pre-dawn hours on this day so many years ago.

Her bright and bubbly personality captivated viewers as they started their mornings in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. At 27-years-old Jodi Huisentruit, rose to the rank of local celebrity as anchor of the morning and midday news on CBS affiliate KIMT in Mason City, Iowa.

And then came June 27, 1995– the day Jodi Huisentruit disappeared.

“That night it was on national news, and I looked up, and just the sickening sense that I got about that, you know, this is not what we meant about being on national news,” Jodi’s friend and former co-worker Robin Wolfram told WCCO last year. “And even, all these years later . . . it just, it just seems so unfair.”

Jodi, scheduled to work her normal shift, never arrived at the television station. Station employees called police after she missed the newscast for a welfare check.

Police found left behind in the parking lot of her apartment complex, some of her personal belongings strewn around her car.

And that horrifying discovery 24 years ago today, remains the only trace of Jodi Huisentruit ever found.

Theories and rumors run plenty, but it’s the answers that seem continually elusive with the passing years, for all those who knew and loved Jodi Huisentruit.