COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – National Child Passenger Safety Week is currently underway to promote child safety in car seats. Parents are encouraged to make sure all child car seats are properly installed and Child Protective Service will be conducting fitting checks all around the state. 

Jaleiah Harmon, a Program Specialist with the Department of Public Health and Prevention Program, said research shows that three out of four car seats are not properly installed in a vehicle posing a danger to the children riding in them.

“We’re hoping to get more kids in their car seats, properly installed in the proper car seats. We’re also making sure that caregivers are comfortable installing those car seats in their cars that they’re using every time,” said Harmon. 

She said the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child stays rear-facing for as long as possible before transitioning to a forward-facing car seat. All children need to be evaluated on an individual basis based on their height and weight before being placed in a forward-facing car seat or booster seat. 

Harmon said there are many common issues that the department often sees including the harness not being tight enough, the chest clip not being placed directly on the child’s chest, and it not being installed according to directions. 

It is important to get every child’s car seat checked periodically to ensure it is placed securely according to manufacturer’s directions and the child’s height and weight measurements. 

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