HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – Jenika Williams is a new homeowner in Liberty Communities, a new community that is bringing many new homes to Harris County. However, despite buying a new house Williams is facing many problems that the neighborhood is refusing to fix regardless of her 10 year warranty.

“My roof has been fixed like, no lie, may two or three times. The first time something happened they had to come out here and patch it up, when they patched it they used the wrong material, it was like a different type of shingle and it was very noticeable. They changed it and when they did it they off tracked my roof, the shingles are not how they’re supposed to be, they’re lifted up and on the other side it was caving in and water was getting in and leaking through my bedroom,” said Williams.

Williams said the issues are affecting both the inside and outside of her home. Outside of her home her garage was never finished and her roof is caving in despite being fixed a few times. Inside of her home her dishwasher has sharp metal rods sticking out and water going through the walls and floors because of plumbing issues with the toilets on the second floor. A faucet also broke in the kitchen causing water damage under the sink.

The plumbing issues have caused Williams to take out the floor in her master bathroom, have ruined the drywall in her kitchen ceiling and is running through the walls of her daughters room.

“No one wants to live like this and then if you speak upon it, they want you to be quiet around the other residents, but the truth is, we’re all going through it. There’s something wrong with everyone’s house and I get that, we’re all human, humans built the house but if I’m bringing the issues to you I’m giving you well past 30 days to get it done, this stuff is still not done,” said Williams.

Williams has been told by first responders that her house is not up to code and in the case of an emergency the fire department would not be able to enter the home during a fire because of the caving roof.

She said the house has a 10 year warranty and she was promised by Liberty Communities that they would fix the damages when she bought it in July. Williams has tried to contact the managers multiple times but she has been ignored or told to submit a maintenance request and the problems continue.

Williams cannot contact any outside contractors because that would void her warranty.

News 3 has reached out to Liberty Communities and its corporate office but we have yet to receive a response. News 3 will update you on this developing story.