COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Shikica Jackson moved into her home in Midtown Columbus on Feb. 1, 2021 and soon after began experiencing issues that she is still currently living with.

“I don’t have a place to go. When I wake up every morning, I don’t know if that is the day the roof is going to fall in and all my stuff is just exposed, all of my personal belongings that I have worked so hard for. I don’t know if my kids go to school if they’re going to come home and all of our stuff is sitting outside on the curb,” said Jackson.

Soon after moving in a tree fell on both power and cable lines and the power company ran the line on top of the house which now causes outages every time it rains. The affected power line also causes Jackson to be cautious of how many items are plugged in throughout the house because having multiple items working can cause power outages in the home.

Along with the electrical issue, the floor in the home is rotting causing termites to breed in the basement. The roof is also leaking water into the home causing cracks in the foundation and the bricks in the front of the home have began to crumble.

There has been a change in ownership since Jackson rented the home almost a year ago causing discrepancies. Jackson was told she would be contacted about the issues in the home after the sale in August but was not contacted until November. The new owner hired a construction company last month to fix the brick in order to fix the caving roof. However, Jackson was told the brick was in bad condition and could not be fixed leading to the roof not being fixed either.

The electrical issue has not been fixed because the first owner sold the home shortly after the incident and the second owner has not approved an electrician to fix the issues. The crumbling brick caused the front wall of the house to fall off when the construction workers tried to fix it, leaving one of the windows unsupported.

The brick fix was never finished leaving only a layer of sheetrock between the interior and exterior of the home.

“The owners did not want to pay that amount of money and didn’t believe it was that much work. They thought that they were excessively damaging the house just to do extra work,” said Jackson.

The home is being managed by the property management company, Kennon Parker Duncan and Davis. Jackson was told by the construction company to contact them and they instructed her to look for a new home.

“As of today, I am living in a home with sheetrock and a tarp. During the storms it’s freezing, sometimes my kids and I have to go sleep in one room and because we can’t run heaters in every room or it’ll trigger the electricity,” said Jackson.

Jackson was given 45 days to vacate the home by the code enforcement if the owner does not fix the issues. She has tried to look for a new home but cannot apply for a new lease with a different company because she has not been released from her current one. She also has not received her security deposit or a refund for the rent she has paid up-to-date.

News 3 reached out to Steve Davis, one of the owners of Kennon Parker Duncan and Davis for a statement.

“KPDD has no involvement whatsoever in the problem that exists in Ms. Jackson’s home. We have been and continue to assist Ms. Jackson in relocating to another property,” said Davis.

Jackson said though a relocation has been offered, it would cost her $2900 upfront and unless she is refunded for her rent on the first lease, she said she would not be able to afford the relocation.

She also said she has tried to purchase the home so she can fix the problems but has not received a loan large enough to afford the home and fix all the repairs.

She fears the day the improvised fixes will stop working and cause major issues to the home that could potentially be dangerous.

“For me, it’s way more than just being okay. If it was just me I probably wouldn’t even complain. I have four kids in the home. Two kids are special needs and not mentally but I have one son who takes medication, one shot every two weeks for his asthma, it’s chronic asthma. I also have a daughter who has leukemia and she take chemotherapy every single day. For me it is a constant battle between the elements. I’m thinking of paying the bills, keeping the lights on, paying rent and then on top of it, I don’t know if the place that I’m paying for is going to suffice,” said Jackson.

News 3 reached out to the homeowner but we have not heard back. Stay with us as this story develops.