LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – Dr. Linda Wood, an American Literature teacher at Troup County Comprehensive High School has been named “Teacher of the Year” by the Troup County School System. Dr. Wood has served TCSS for 30 years, she has experience both in teaching and as an administrator. 

“There’s so many good teachers in the school system and to be recognized as one of the top teachers, it was really something that meant a lot to me. I thought it was something that I’m not sure I deserve that honor,” said Dr. Wood. 

Dr. Wood went through a series of steps before being named “Teacher of the Year”. She was nominated by her peers originally. Then she went through an evaluation process to ensure that her skills are in accordance with the standards set by the county and the State of Georgia. 

She said she tries to teach with a hands-on approach so students can have fun while learning. She often does activities like grammar competitions, scavenger hunts or mock-up trials to ensure students are engaged. She said students have different learning styles and she tailors her teaching skills to approach them all in an effective way.

“I think that’s part of the key is that students will learn for you and work hard for you when they respect and trust you and know you’ve got their best interest at heart,” said Dr. Wood.

Dr. Wood is not the first Troup High teacher to be honored as “Teacher of the Year”. According to Troup High’s Principal, Niki Watts, five Troup High teachers have won “Teacher of the Year” in the past eight years. 

She said what makes Dr. Wood so special to Troup High is her ability to connect and form a relationship with all types of students. 

“She is genuinely invested in them and her classroom is centered on a sense of mutual respect. She cares for the kids as people and as students, she takes the time to get to know them,” said Watts. 

Watts said she and Dr. Wood share the mindset of making sure students know their importance in the classroom. Watts said she takes pride in knowing Troup High is the biggest school in the district and the teachers are getting recognized for their hard work. 

Mason Atkinson is a senior at Troup High and has been a student of Dr. Wood’s for two years. He said he thoroughly enjoys being in her class because he often finds her relatable and she finds creative ways to keep him and his classmates engaged. 

“She has definitely helped me. I’ll try and make her day or she’ll definitely make my day,” said Atkinson. 

Atkinson said Dr. Wood provides extra resources in the classroom that allow him to grow both as a student and as an individual.